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December, 2014

My 2014 Up Close and Personal!

Bianca Linta - Euphoria 2013

It’s been 27 years I’ve dedicated to my love for music. If I take myself outside the situation, I’m amazed and equally proud at the dedication I gave to something. And it makes me incredibly happy to look back at my life and see I’ve had such passion for something […]

Bianca Linta – Divided Sky (Sound Driven Remix)

Cover remix Divided Sky

Happy news before Happy New Year! Here is a new remix made by Darren Ridgway and Kamaal Ford, two incredible producers who release electronic music by the name Sound Driven. You can here their music on SoundCloud here. Thank you, guys, for this beautiful gift! .

The Destiny and the Cat


A few nights ago, my friend Laura and I were walking to her house from her daughters house. As soon as we stepped outside the living complex, a cat greeted us so we started talking to it. Silly girls. To our surprise the cat spoke back!! In her own language […]

How music helps my higher purpose

Bianca Linta - in the air

We all have a higher purpose as to why we’re here. Some of us realize it at some point in life, some don’t. It is completely ok either way, we all have specific roads to walk, and every road is the right one! I happen to be one of those […]

Bianca Linta – The World Needs a Girl – vol.8

Bianca Linta

It is Romania’s National Day! This is a gift for you! “The World Needs a Girl – vol.8” is here, enjoy: Play and Share! ONE LOVE B.