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September, 2015

Inventing Life Made ”Naughty Truck” Reality

Bianca Linta by Roxana Paraschivoiu

As we grow up we’re taught that life should be a certain way, and we should do things a certain specific way. We’re taught to get a secure job and we’re taught to always plan for the future. But in reality life can be so much more broader than that. […]

You Don’t Need Anyone To Complete You

Puzzle complet shutterstock_249463513

“I don’t need anyone to complete me I am whole, I am sufficient, I am worthy!” We all make the mistake at one or more points in our lives, to think that we need someone else to complete us. And we create relationships from that starting point. Somehow love is […]

Everything Is Our Fault

Bianca Linta - by Robert Chirileanu

Before anything reaches the physical plane and materializes in the body, an emotion has had to trigger and sustain it until it was able to become real! Either if we’re talking situations, diseases, successes or failures, there is always an emotion that triggers a thought, that triggers an unfolding of […]