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Bianca Linta – In a high

22 March 2016
Bianca Linta I a high

”In a High” is a song honoring twin flames, the couples that make it through rain and sunshine, the ones that put their connection above all else! It is about reaching that intersection of moving forward together or walking alone. This seemingly harsh decision is one all young couples have to face, but in this track she declares her unconditional for him and she chooses him, every day! She sings about the moment they first locked eyes, and both knew that even the whole Universe isn’t big enough for their love to go astray!

”In A High” is a special and personal song, very dear to my heart, that I dedicate to all brave souls out there!

Love each other fearlessly!!

Music: Bianca Linta, Ilton Kosta, Claudio Cristo, Florin Grozea
Lyrics: Bianca Linta, Ilton Kosta
Produced by Claudio Cristo & Bianca Linta

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