Inventing Life Made ”Naughty Truck” Reality

Bianca Linta by Roxana Paraschivoiu

As we grow up we’re taught that life should be a certain way, and we should do things a certain specific way. We’re taught to get a secure job and we’re taught to always plan for the future. But in reality life can be so much more broader than that. […]

Darone feat Bianca Linta – Home Again

Home Again

”Home Again” was a special pleasure for me because its not just a track, its a very personal story in which I laid my heart and my thoughts out. When I first heard it, the song touched a special chord in my heart so I knew exactly what I wanted […]

The World Needs a Girl – vol 9


Hey guys, I just released Vol. 9!! Super exciting because we released this one for VibeFM (I wanna thank you guys for having me, it was a pleasure!) and it’s a mix about letting go, and having fun! No matter where you’re at right now, just have fun! 🙂 Enjoy! […]

Renovating my apartment, renovating my life

BL acasa

You all know by now that I moved back to Romania. I now officially live between three places on this Planet, and I honestly hope this number will grow as I get older. I think we should explore this Earth, not keep stagnant in one place. There’s so much to […]

Bianca Linta – Divided Sky (Sound Driven Remix)

Cover remix Divided Sky

Happy news before Happy New Year! Here is a new remix made by Darren Ridgway and Kamaal Ford, two incredible producers who release electronic music by the name Sound Driven. You can here their music on SoundCloud here. Thank you, guys, for this beautiful gift! .

The Destiny and the Cat


A few nights ago, my friend Laura and I were walking to her house from her daughters house. As soon as we stepped outside the living complex, a cat greeted us so we started talking to it. Silly girls. To our surprise the cat spoke back!! In her own language […]

Bianca Linta – The World Needs a Girl – vol.8

Bianca Linta

It is Romania’s National Day! This is a gift for you! “The World Needs a Girl – vol.8” is here, enjoy: Play and Share! ONE LOVE B.

Me + Universal Music = Love!

Bianca Linta

Hey! And the surprise I’ve been cooking for you guys iiiisss: I just signed with Universal Music!!! Aaaa!!! Aaand, wait for it… I have a fresh new single I’m super excited to share with you guys! November 27th, you and me, we stay together high, in our Divided Sky! The video […]