Bianca Linta – In a high

Bianca Linta I a high

”In a High” is a song honoring twin flames, the couples that make it through rain and sunshine, the ones that put their connection above all else! It is about reaching that intersection of moving forward together or walking alone. This seemingly harsh decision is one all young couples have […]

Renovating my apartment, renovating my life

BL acasa

You all know by now that I moved back to Romania. I now officially live between three places on this Planet, and I honestly hope this number will grow as I get older. I think we should explore this Earth, not keep stagnant in one place. There’s so much to […]

My 2014 Up Close and Personal!

Bianca Linta - Euphoria 2013

It’s been 27 years I’ve dedicated to my love for music. If I take myself outside the situation, I’m amazed and equally proud at the dedication I gave to something. And it makes me incredibly happy to look back at my life and see I’ve had such passion for something […]

Romania, I’m back!

Bianca Linta

Vreau să încep prin a vă spune că am cei mai tari părinți din tot Universul! Acum zece ani au luat dificila decizie să își vândă apartamentul pentru care munciseră din greu toată viața, să-și facă un mic bagaj și să își părăsească prietenii și familia pentru… o țară de […]