My Life, Meditation, and Normal Living

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By now you all know I practice a more spiritual way of life, which encompasses the law of attraction, vibration and of course meditation. And yes, this post is about telling you how amazing meditation is but not from the place of having started meditation and never stopping. This post […]

You Don’t Need Anyone To Complete You

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“I don’t need anyone to complete me I am whole, I am sufficient, I am worthy!” We all make the mistake at one or more points in our lives, to think that we need someone else to complete us. And we create relationships from that starting point. Somehow love is […]

Everything Is Our Fault

Bianca Linta - by Robert Chirileanu

Before anything reaches the physical plane and materializes in the body, an emotion has had to trigger and sustain it until it was able to become real! Either if we’re talking situations, diseases, successes or failures, there is always an emotion that triggers a thought, that triggers an unfolding of […]

Why you need a well established support group


As I’ve traveled and lived in different places I’ve discovered the sweet obvious: finding a support group will be the only thing to keep you in place and advance you at the same time! Keep you in place No matter where you chose to live, you won’t stay there for […]

Ride it until the wheels come off

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Everyday life happens. With or without you, things change and there’s nothing you can do about it except embrace it and go with the flow. Of course you can refuse to accept it and drown yourself in your own refusal lake but that won’t change your current situation and it […]

Why loving unconditionally IS the hardest thing to do


We always hear talks about love, stories of others, successful or not, give our opinion on love, even though real love is one of the rarest things to experience, we always seem to have an opinion about the rules of love. Well love, real love that is, doesn’t come with […]

Earth Angels

Angel Statue

Theres times in life we meet people, and we never get to understand why until way later. But the difference with these people is they aren’t just regular people who intersect your life, they are the game changers of your life path. They can come disguised as friends, lovers, family […]

Thought of the day

Thought of the day

With everyday and every choice we make we’re either filling our spirit or draining it. We’re either walking to love or walking to fear. We’re either a stand for empowerment or for blockage… Life is like a classroom, you succeed based on your teammates so who you are for the […]