Bianca Linta – In a high

Bianca Linta I a high

”In a High” is a song honoring twin flames, the couples that make it through rain and sunshine, the ones that put their connection above all else! It is about reaching that intersection of moving forward together or walking alone. This seemingly harsh decision is one all young couples have […]

Bianca Linta – Naughty Truck

Bianca Linta

This is it! The press release: Bianca Linta, a New York Singer/DJ/Model was described as the “Futuristic Jeanne d’Arc of EDM” by the American press. The artist was born in Romania but she moved to U.S. at 17 years old when her parents won the Lottery Visa. She began training […]

My new video – Divided Sky

Bianca Linta Divided Sky

Hi guys! I am so happy to show you my first official video produced by my new label – Universal Music! Enjoy! Music and Lyrics: Bianca Linta, Ilton Kosta. Musical Production: Manuel Riva. Foto: Fabian Tatomirescu / Creative Media Hair: Despina Mihai / Studio44 Make-up: INGLOT Romania One love! B.

Me + Universal Music = Love!

Bianca Linta

Hey! And the surprise I’ve been cooking for you guys iiiisss: I just signed with Universal Music!!! Aaaa!!! Aaand, wait for it… I have a fresh new single I’m super excited to share with you guys! November 27th, you and me, we stay together high, in our Divided Sky! The video […]