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Everything Is Our Fault

21 September 2015
Bianca Linta - by Robert Chirileanu

Before anything reaches the physical plane and materializes in the body, an emotion has had to trigger and sustain it until it was able to become real!

Either if we’re talking situations, diseases, successes or failures, there is always an emotion that triggers a thought, that triggers an unfolding of events. We are all manifestors! Aware or not we constantly manifest everything that goes on around us.

So if we’re talking diseases, if at this moment you are battling a condition of any type, know that YOU have welcomed this condition into your life even if you were aware of it or simply did it unconsciously!

When we feel bad or incomplete, unworthy or we suppress emotions without dealing with them, they bottle up inside of us provoking what we call “disease” in our physical bodies. So instead of relying on traditional medicine to cure the surface of the issue, we should instead deal with the root of the problem: the emotion and thought that created it!

Of course I am not saying not to seek treatment for your condition, but while you do so, make sure to go within and be truthful to yourself: what brought you here? Sit and listen to your body and your intuition. What was it that caused the blockage which in turn became your disease? What were you hiding, suppressing, blaming on another that caused this unfolding? That is the key!

For you to find the seed that caused all this, you have to quiet your mind, become centered, trust and listen to what your body and feelings point out.

That is the root of all your issues.

So sure, while you go through a more traditional cure, also focus of curing the real problem: your emotions! Only by doing so you will ensure the problem doesn’t reappear again in your life later on!
Disease, whatever it may be, from cancer, to skin diseases, to adhd, etc, all begin with an unbalanced mind!
Be aware of your thoughts, if left unprocessed they will surface wherever they can in order to leave your body, and that is mostly where they WILL appear: on your body!

Your body is your vehicle while you’re on this life train. You need your body in order to learn your lessons and evolve. And you will only be able to do so if you stay centered!

Curing a disease might seem easy if you simply go to the doctor, but traditional medicine will never teach you to first solve the reason why you got sick in the first place! A doctor will administer what he deems proper for the obvious symptoms. It is in your hands to choose to solve the rest and live as your higher self intended you to live!

So what is it going to be? What are you going to chose? How are you going to continue to live your life? Are you truly free? These are some questions you should ask yourself once you see your physical body is starting to show you the obvious signs! Because this is also the moment you should choose to see as your chance to heal! And I mean really heal!

For every area of the body there is a specific emotion that had to trigger it. Maybe you never communicated your emotions and now you see yourself with throat related issues. Maybe you didn’t love yourself enough and sabotaged yourself enough until you’ve developed an immunodeficiency. Maybe you kept pain in for so long without letting it go because you’ve always felt powerless so now you have stomach cancer. Whatever the issue might be, know and acknowledge it was your choice to start it and your choice to sustain it all. But also know that it is always your choice to stop and to heal it all!

So go ahead and heal the mind which in turn will heal the body! Meditate, practice yoga, become aware of your thought and the language you use to speak to yourself and others and know that they create reality!

The day you take this with the IMPORTANCE and RESPONSABILITY it deserves, is the day you start to be truly you: the YOU you came here to be, the YOU your Higher Self intended you to be, the FREE YOU!

Go ahead and be a successful manifestor!

Manifest what you truly desire, not what you don’t! Envision yourself the way you always wanted yourself to be, even if at the moment it doesn’t seem realistic. Don’t worry about what is real because cancer and immunodeficiency wasn’t real either the moment you suppressed your feelings and emotions! Worry about envisioning yourself as you truly want and tell yourself ONLY what you truly want! Fall into that vortex! Do not insist more that 6 seconds on thoughts that you DON’T desire to happen, because whatever is more that 6 seconds, also brings up an emotion which in turn brings up a situation which in turn manifests into the physical plane. Instead think about what you DO want for more than 6 seconds and develop those emotions, attract those situations that will manifest into what you truly wish for yourself.

It’s not magic! It is simply the vortex of emotions you chose to roll with, which in turn influence you to take the appropriate actions and find yourself with the appropriate situations and people to help you reach your real goals!

Love ya’ll, stay aware!


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    Love you back, babe!!!! You rock!


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