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Inventing Life Made ”Naughty Truck” Reality

30 September 2015
Bianca Linta by Roxana Paraschivoiu

As we grow up we’re taught that life should be a certain way, and we should do things a certain specific way.

We’re taught to get a secure job and we’re taught to always plan for the future.

But in reality life can be so much more broader than that. If we have the courage to jump into the unknown!
You can plan all you want and realize you’re not sure even if you love what you do anymore but you just “know” that’s how it’s supposed to be done!

I’ve always thought that these rules were made by people and people just assume what the best thing is, we don’t actually know how life should be. We’ve just set these standards and everyone goes by them.

But what happens if you want to break those standards and do what you love, even if what you love doesn’t offer you a secure thing and it’s something you’ll always risk with?

I’ll tell you what happens! ”Naughty Truck” happens! Courage happens! Risk taking happens! Living at its fullest happens!

A music career is the furthest thing from stability you can imagine! Your success, your career, is all based in others peoples judgement of your work, your talent! You always risk to go south, but what you’re sure of is that you always risk to go north too!

So that’s what I did. I decided I am going to invent my life, and not live it. I decided I am going to risk going north!

So I got in the studio and worked with some of the most talented people I know, and we created what you will soon get to hear and see: Naughty Truck! It’s been an amazing ride in which I made amazing new friends and discovered so many talented people! And let me tell you, Romanias got plenty of talent!!

Studio time has been hella fun at DeMoga Studio and even if this track is done, my friendships remain and our excitement to get started with a new one is even bigger now!

”Naughty Truck” is all about fire, and confidence, innovative and definitely sexy!

Filming the video was one hell of an experience also in which we all worked together to create a piece of modern art, not just a video. We wanted to give you art from all directions and we’re so happy and proud we were all able to mix our visions together to come up with this package for you. I guess a bunch of us “rebels agains traditional life” met and decided to let all our boundaries fall and to allow ourselves to be free in our creations. So we did!!

I know you don’t even know what I mean by this because you haven’t heard nor seen the video. But it’s just a few days away, and I’m honestly hoping the biggest example I can set with this project, apart from how gorgeous everything came out to be, is to show that it can be done!

That you can be free to choose what you love to do, and do that, with no hesitation it’ll be appreciated! That you can invent your life and you don’t have to oblige by the rules other human beings at some point decided it’s what should be done; and rather discover what should be done for yourself! What works and makes you feel alive while you’re here, because let’s face it: life is short, and it’s given to us so we live it!

So it’s needles to say how excited I am for the release to happen, and to finally see how the work of so many people turns into reality! To see the work, time and dedication of all of us become real, in a tangible product! This is what I’m mostly proud of: that all of the tens, possibly over 100, of people involved in this project got to do what they loved and invented their lives!

That my friends, is the biggest reward…

Love and peace to you all,


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