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How music helps my higher purpose

12 December 2014
Bianca Linta - in the air

We all have a higher purpose as to why we’re here.

Some of us realize it at some point in life, some don’t. It is completely ok either way, we all have specific roads to walk, and every road is the right one! I happen to be one of those who understood what their higher purpose is.

In my case it is to always remind people of how amazingly powerful they are and to help them see it even when they have forgotten. It gives me great pleasure to help someone regain their smile, their energy and thirst for life, or to just make sure they always know it! I know my life isn’t about me, yet it becomes about me when it is about all of us together, because we are one!
Music aids this because I can speak to many of you through my lyrics, at my concerts, or on social media. Since music is and has been my dearest passion for years, I said to myself: why not combine both things and leave my footprint on this lifetime in a fun way.

This is why I use a specific neurolinguistic language in my lyrics that activates certain neurons in the brain which in turn help the brain open up to new possibilities of being and leaves the person very content. And this is why music isn’t just music for me, yet it is a channel that inspires change and promotes unconditional love between all human beings.

Music is so powerful, it influences most of our lives daily and if we can use it for a good cause, why not?

Every time I receive a message telling me how my music inspired the lives of others my heart jumps up with excitement.

Bianca Linta

Every time I hear my music was the call to action someone needed to change their life and be happy is when I know I am doing the right thing.

That is why I am here, to help make your life beautiful and to fill your days with positive energy! Because you are pure light, you have no limits as to what you can be, you are powerful and you are incredibly important, and you might forget it along the way when life tries to put its footprint on you, but I will always be here to remind you of it! 🙂

Much love!