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My Life, Meditation, and Normal Living

28 March 2016
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By now you all know I practice a more spiritual way of life, which encompasses the law of attraction, vibration and of course meditation.
And yes, this post is about telling you how amazing meditation is but not from the place of having started meditation and never stopping. This post comes from the place of “I took a break from meditation and saw why life shouldn’t be lived without it”!

After I moved to Romania, I also started to go under a lot of changes and I lived a period of… confusion mostly in this new place. Meditation isn’t widely used in Romania, so finding a group to join in which you can support each other is a tad harder to do. Not impossible, but you do have to weed out through people to find the ones you connect with at that level. So I started prioritizing other things and putting meditation on the back burner. Bad choice and no excuse for me of course, but I did tend to get lazier on my daily meditation practice. Let me tell you, everything else fell out of balance shortly afterwards.
I started to live a normal life: waking up, going around in pilot mode, unconscious and unaware of sensations, my body, others and the world around me. And I did that for a while! I soon started to realize I was becoming a normal person more and more.
When I say normal, I mean the exact things I enumerated up here: not being connected to my peers, keeping an ignorant attitude towards what my consciousness and body were trying to teach me, dismissing my intuition, believing that power, self love and appreciation comes from somewhere else other than myself; basically all the most horrible things we can do to ourselves as humans! That to me is the definition of normal. A simple robot!

With time I couldn’t help but notice that my amazing life and relationships were falling completely out of balance, my career seemed something way too hard and insecure, and I can’t even begin to tell you how lost I started to feel myself. Well thats what happens when you wake up*, you can never go back to sleep again. Maybe life kicks you down a bit or gets harder and you try to sleep again, forget that once your eyes were wide open, but truth is you can never fall back asleep. And that was my salvation also!
Noticing something isn’t right was the first step. I knew there was no point in living and walking this Earth if I would’ve continued to live a normal life separating myself more and more from my essence, while giving in to this futile way of modern living. I would’ve punished myself continuously to a life I tried so hard to stay away from. Then I realized I fell out of balance with my daily practices and that I needed to get back on track, even though I only had 1 or 2 other people that I could relate to in that sense.

So I picked myself up and started to retake my daily practices: meditation, law of attraction, mindfulness, etc.
I have been meditating everyday, on an average of 40 minutes. Every new day is more amazing than the previous one, and everyday I attract more and more opportunities to make my life even more beautiful, either if its personal or career wise. Its like opportunities are unfolding right in front of my eyes. I am noticing them again! I am noticing people that are like minded also, the beauty in their hearts, I am noticing career opportunities, new sounds, new ways of communication, I am aware! Its like the sun is always out even if its actually raining outside. Life is just not worth living without meditation. Once the mind is calm, life can truly unfold itself in front of you! No resistance, just acceptance of what is and knowing no matter what you are exactly where you need to be! And taking a beak just shows you how much you need meditation in your life, how beautiful everything is when its in balance. Its like dumping someone good for you out of fear, you might think it was a good choice in the beginning, but shortly after you will notice the value they added to your life that is no longer there, and you will do anything to return to them, this time for good! 😉 Or like working hard at the gym, getting the body you love and then getting lazy and not going anymore. You will end up dissatisfied all over again. Thats why, the brain is like your body, it needs exercise to stay in balance!

The point is, we’ll always fall out of something, but it is imperative to return to a healthy practice because life is about constant growth, and growth needs effort. So if you’ve been thinking about giving meditation a shot I say: go for it without any doubt in your mind!! Do it everyday!! And watch your life and full potential unfold right in front of you!
Also, let me know of your experiences 🙂

Much love to you all!!!

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