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Ride it until the wheels come off

18 March 2015
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Everyday life happens.

With or without you, things change and there’s nothing you can do about it except embrace it and go with the flow. Of course you can refuse to accept it and drown yourself in your own refusal lake but that won’t change your current situation and it won’t do anything to improve your life quality, yet it will only decrease it.

Patience and acceptance are the only things you can embrace when life doesn’t seem to make sense.

And the only things that will improve the quality of your life. Better yet, it will expand your life spectrum and all that you can experience.

Everything has its purpose around you and you will only be able to connect the dots at the end of the road. Until then the key is to open up to the twists and turns even if they seem tough, they will bring you where you need to be. And maybe where you need to be is back where you started but you will never truly know this if you don’t let life bring you places you never imagined going so you can know exactly where it is you want to be. Have no fear in giving yourself this gift! Take yourself outside of your comfort zone and allow yourself to get surprised! Life has no rules, so why should you?

Taking a peaceful approach to situations is crucial in allowing yourself to become who you are meant to be. You don’t always have to understand what you are given to experience, yet you always have to trust it’s the right thing and that many roads open up as you yourself open up to the unknown!

Acceptance will open your imagination to all potential roads and opportunities around you, so keep moving forward without a frantic need for immediate satisfaction.

Open doors, it’s ok to close them later! It is also completely ok to reopen them, there are no rules about life. The key is to not fight it! One day the road will come to an end, you want to make sure you’ve truly lived while you were alive. You’ve experienced, you tried, you gave yourself all the chances you could give.

You can’t change life because life is change itself and life is short so why not ride it until the wheels come off? Change will bring you to be the best version of yourself you can be, aren’t you curious?

We never know whats in store for us and why things happen the way they do but they surely happen so we can experience ourselves as the people we are meant to be while we’re here! For that I’m willing to give in to life fully! Are you?

Much love,



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