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Why you need a well established support group


As I’ve traveled and lived in different places I’ve discovered the sweet obvious: finding a support group will be the only thing to keep you in place and advance you at the same time! Keep you in place No matter where you chose to live, you won’t stay there for […]

My new video – Divided Sky

Bianca Linta Divided Sky

Hi guys! I am so happy to show you my first official video produced by my new label – Universal Music! Enjoy! Music and Lyrics: Bianca Linta, Ilton Kosta. Musical Production: Manuel Riva. Foto: Fabian Tatomirescu / Creative Media Hair: Despina Mihai / Studio44 Make-up: INGLOT Romania One love! B.

Romania, I’m back!

Bianca Linta

Vreau să încep prin a vă spune că am cei mai tari părinți din tot Universul! Acum zece ani au luat dificila decizie să își vândă apartamentul pentru care munciseră din greu toată viața, să-și facă un mic bagaj și să își părăsească prietenii și familia pentru… o țară de […]

Good News!

Bianca Linta

My new video is ready! I am soooo excited about this project! Good news in just a couple of days! ONE LOVE B.

New York vs Bucharest

Bianca Linta in New York

I find myself sitting at the desk of my new apartment… in Bucharest! Wait, what? How did this happen? I just got back to NYC from Texas and now I’m in Romania with no ticket or a set date of return. It started with my grandmother passing. Apart from the […]