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Why you need a well established support group

23 May 2015
As I’ve traveled and lived in different places I’ve discovered the sweet obvious: finding a support group will be the only thing to keep you in place and advance you at the same time!

Keep you in place

No matter where you chose to live, you won’t stay there for long if you find it hard to build a support group around you. You can’t succeed on your own, so either it’s career or personal life, finding your clique and empowering each other is vital to your success!

Advance you

If you’ve picked a place you’d like to move to, done the move and found yourself lucky enough to find your genuine support group you can rest assured that this group will be the ones you must thank for your success. Your support group will always inspire you, raise you up, use only encouraging language and dismiss negative possibilities. They will keep you in your highest self and they will make sure you are always reminded of your power! They will encourage you to succeed and you will do so! You will do so with a bang! Because nothing will ever seem impossible to you or your fellow friends. You will find ways to connect your businesses and advance together. You will all understand how vital and valuable you are to one another and you will always interact with a grateful energy with one another. All these combined create the recipe for success. That recipe everyone is looking for but no one seem to quite put it together.
I’ve started to find my own support group here in Romania and that was the moment I started to like living here. I certainly enjoyed roaming the city and exploring, but all of that gets old when you don’t have a base you can return to where you know your presence is wanted and appreciated. As I started to make friends I also found the ones I blend in with, and found the ones with the same vision of success as mine.
All from different industries, yet all from the same mind set of raising each other up and always living in the possibility. And it is truly an amazing feeling when you know your dream is everyone else’s and everyone’s dreams are yours too. Nothing makes you happier than to see yourself grow and having your crew there with you growing along your side. There is no room for doubt or discouragement, they believe in you so much, you all believe in each other so much, that the though of not succeeding doesn’t even cross your minds. It is not part of your reality.
Opportunities start flooding in, and joy is always present within your group so creating ways of getting ahead is a real pleasure for you.

This is it

It’s not how hard you work alone, it’s how hard you work together. It’s not how determinate you are, it’s how determinate you are together. It’s not how much you believe in yourself, it’s how much you all believe in one another!
This is kryptonite to your success! To all your successes! Wherever you may be, find your support group and be awesome!


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