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You Don’t Need Anyone To Complete You

28 September 2015
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“I don’t need anyone to complete me
I am whole, I am sufficient, I am worthy!”

We all make the mistake at one or more points in our lives, to think that we need someone else to complete us. And we create relationships from that starting point. Somehow love is portrayed as an outside-of-yourself thing that you can only achieve if someone else comes around and “loves you” in order to fill up the empty parts of you…

Eeerr!!!! WRONG!!!!

You don’t need someone to fill the empty parts of you because there are none! In reality you are already complete! Now, if life knocked you down more than a couple of times and somehow along the way you decided you were empty, consciously or not, you are going to go ahead and look for love outside of yourself.
We’ve all been guilty of that one!

BUT, my point here is that love resides in you. It has always been there and it will always be there because that’s what you are!!

You are filled with creativity, love, strength, you have all the resources you actually need to go through this life time!

So stop cheating yourself! You don’t need anyone to complete you, because you’ve already been born complete!

Now if you forgot that, find your way back! KNOW that no one will make you happy if you aren’t happy with yourself! So start by regaining that: your happiness!

Feel the joy of having your legs, your arms, your eyes, all the experience you’ve accumulated throughout the years, your family, your pets, the color of the sky, the fact that you can smell, walk, eat; fall into that joyful vortex! Soon and with enough focus on your true self, you will rediscover your love, your independency!

Once you are already full and you understand that, you will never search for a partner to “complete” you again! You will search for a partner who is already complete him/herself!

You will not be upset with your current partners for not being able to fill that void inside of you because you will take care to heal that void and fill it with the unbounded love that lies inside you!

Everything you do should come from a place of:

“I am already whole with or without a partner, I enjoy myself with or without a partner, I feel good about myself with or without a partner, I have constant fun with or without a partner!”

Only then you will find the right partner for you. Only then you will vibrate a free, independent, confident energy and you will attract just that! Your true partner in crime!

Things will come easy because you aren’t attached. You understand the true meaning of freedom and you respect and accept your partner fully for who he/she is. You know that it is not their job to make you happy, or the other way around! Their job is to be themselves, their core higher selves, and your job is the same! This is the highest level of love! You are now fully aligned with your essence and you act from that point on! Nothing can go wrong because everything is perfect and as it should be when you act from your true self!

And you know that whatever does come around is part of your journey, your lessons and your growth!

Love yourselves, and stay centered!



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